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GreyCells is a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies and services, offering scalable solutions to small and medium size medical practices.  At GreyCells, we don’t believe there is such a thing as a “small medical practice”. The services that they provide to patients and their families aren’t “small” or insignificant. That’s why we’ve developed our products first and foremost to cater to their needs.  We built SimpliCapture to alleviate the common paperwork burdens that keep providers and managers awake late at night so that they can instead focus on providing the best care for their patients. We offer smart, innovative service to dozens of clients.  Why not join our fast growing client base?  Get in touch today to learn more.


Why You Need It

Mobile charge capture helps doctors spend more time being doctors and gives practice managers the guarantee that more revenue is coming back into the business. By capturing charges at the point of care, providers can document services quickly and easily, while also improving billing accuracy by simplifying the process. Additionally, mobile charge capture eliminates missed and lost charges and enhances revenue management by increasing the pace of cash flow.

Mobile charge capture provides several benefits to healthcare professionals, including:

Improved efficiency: Mobile charge capture apps can help track and document work more efficiently, reducing the time and effort required to complete billing and coding tasks.

Increase accuracy: Mobile charge capture can help reduce errors in biling and coding, which can lead to increased accuracy and improved reimbursements rates.

Enhanced productivity: Charge capture apps can help healthcare professionals streamline their workflow and reduce the burden of administrative tasks, allowing them to focus more on patient care.

Enhanced reporting: Charge capture apps can provide reports and analytics to help healthcare professionals track their performance and identify trends in their work.

Improved patient care: By reducing the burden of administrative tasks, charge capture apps can help healthcare professionals focus more on patient care, leading to improved patient outcomes.

Increased revenues: By reducing errors in billing and coding and increasing the accuracy of invoices and claims, charge capture apps can help increase revenue.


Making it Simple

Reporting patient encounter details to your billing company should not be a complicated process. Our user-friendly product SimpliCapture provides you with the ability to capture patient information and charges at the point of service. 

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"I will never need another mobile charge capture app again!"

Dr. Nelopher H

“Before SimpliCapture, I would enter all of my charges for the month into a spreadsheet in one sitting. Now, I can capture charges right after I see my patients, which has lifted a massive burden off my shoulders. No more missed or lost charges.  The app is extremely easy to use, even for someone like me who isn’t too adept with technology. The customer support at SimpliCapture is phenomenal as well. They quickly respond to questions, and they’re really receptive to feedback. Overall, I can confidently say that I will never need another mobile charge capture app again!”


8101 College Boulevard, Suite 100, Overland Park, Kansas 66210


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