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SimpliCapture makes charge capture Simple

CPT dashboard
Encounters and RVUs dashboard
Quick and easy interface to capture charges and encounter details


Intuitive Design

SimpliCapture’s user interface removes the hassle of capturing charges. With a few clicks, doctors can access patient data and diagnoses, and select from commonly used codes for their practice or search our database of all ICD and CPT codes. No longer will clinicians have to recall what services they provided to each of their patients after a busy day since all of those processes can be done at the point of service, right from a smartphone or tablet with just a few taps.


SimpliCapture helps managers stay on top of their practice. We generate advanced analytics on a range of salient KPIs ranging from CPT codes to cash flow. Managers are empowered to investigate trends on various levels from practice-wide to individual providers.

Financials and data analytics


With SimpliCapture, providers just have to take a photo of a face sheet, and the app will automatically send it to billing companies, which removes the hassle of remembering to email and fax the records. SimpliCapture sends these records through secure protocols, which means managers no longer have to worry about patient personal information getting into wrong hands.


SimpliCapture is capable of pulling charge details out of Kareo© Practice Management software.  This allows you to track collections, charge statuses and other KPI without leaving the app.  The integration reduces the risk of lost revenue by allowing a clear and concise view into the practice's revenue cycle.  We continue to work on integrating with other EHR systems.


SimpliCapture’s search features make relevant information available at your fingertips. Providers can search encounters by patient name, provider, service date, location, and other criteria. Providers can also search among our complete ICD and CPT databases to find just the right codes for their encounter. Additionally, SimpliCapture will highlight the most used ICD and CPT codes for each practice.

Offline Functionality

Capture charges even in areas with limited or no internet connectivity. The data can be synchronized with the server once a connection is available.


Submit charges daily to your billing service provider or at a frequency of your choice.


Contact us to get details for our fully transparent pricing plan and a personalized demo so you can decide if the solution we provide suits your needs.  Our sales team will provide you with all the information, without any high-pressure sales pitch, so you can make an informed decision.  Our goal is to impress you with the functionality our product offers so you can make the decision that is best for your business.​


Zero setup fees.

Contact us to get details for our competitive pricing.

Fully Transparent Pricing

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